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Friends Only

Nov. 3rd, 2004 | 09:33 pm
mood: calmcalm
music: "The Recluse" Cursive

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Don't be so confused.
Just, comment to be added, dog.

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What is love?

Feb. 1st, 2003 | 10:35 pm
mood: lovedloved
music: "Your Song" Moulin Rouge

The discussion is---love.

"What do I look for in the woman? Personality. I hope they can be funny and have a sense of humor, yet at the same time I hope they're a person who can be serious, or they can be deep. Somebody who is deep themselves. Somebody that understands me or where I am coming from. Somebody that I understand, at least somewhat (come on, we're talking about women here!)." -Allan VanderLaan


"Love is when a man is sweet, gentle, loved by your parents, agrees with everything you say, and your best friend. The kind that only exists in fairy tales." -Nena Hall

"What is love? I couldn't describe it in a few short lines. I’d have to write a paper." -Allan VanderLaan

"Love is being able to accept them loving someone else." -Megh Chakrabarti

"Love is a concern. You can love everything. In different ways." -Tutu Lee

"It is when you find a close "bond" with someone that is so strong that you can't break it very easily at all if at all" -Cary Klataske

"Not easy to explain, other than an unconditional attraction and like the willingness to do anything for someone" -Jared Mann

"That’s love, me and my guitar" -Daniel Smith

"When two people find that their personality's weaknesses cancel each other out." -Marjorie

"Love is a joke. It gets your hopes up, then you find out that you can't have what you love" -Sam Schlageck

"Love is when you care for somebody so much that you can't imagine living without them" -Jessica Heath

"What is love? Fuck, I don’t know. I don’t believe it. Hormones reacting making you feel free and happy and giggly and shit and then it slowly fades away...like getting high...?” -Alina Scalora

"It’s being so crazy about someone that nothing else matters" -Nicole Schmidt

"I'd have to say love is the burning you get inside when your standing in the rain with someone and you feel like time freezes and you could stay there forever. Love is when you with someone you could spend an entire lifetime with and feel completely comforted, calm, happy, and on an emotional high. Or that's at least what I think it is" -Beth Blessing

"It’s a feeling you have inside, it's a good feeling... one that's hard to describe kind of, it makes you feel like nothing else matters. But we use the word love in such a sloppy way, that it can mean almost nothing or absolutely everything. Love is being so serious about someone that you would do anything for them. It's having such a deep and personal understanding of someone and respecting everything about them. It's also about having and showing affection for someone. Whether it be physical, or not. Love is easily the most important emotion in our lives, because without love, where would we be? " -Jackie Nelson

"Love is something that no one knows what it is but it is there and we see it everyday" -Kayla Motley

"A chemical reaction in the brain" -Sam Proctor

"Love is like oxygen, love lifts us up where we belong, all you need is love." -Andrea Granger

"According to John Lennon, love is wanting to be loved.” -Annie Osburn

"Having extreme affection for one another" -Jeff Ryan

"Love is the feeling you have when you know that someone feels the same way that you do about them and they care about you so much that they would do almost anything for you. Love has no gender." -Elise White

"A chemical reaction in the brain in which a humans character stimulates the mind and soul" -Andrew St. Jean

"Love is connection and completion. Love can sometimes be magic. But magic can sometimes...just be an illusion." -Jessica from Wamego

"Love is when the recognition of a certain person through one's senses causes a release of seratonin the pituitary gland in the back of the brain; in a consistent and replicable manner.” -Thorin Tabor

"Love is giving someone your last scoop of ice-cream." -Archana Paul

"Love is valuing someone else’s life higher than yours I think. No clue though, takes some thought...but anyhow, it's chemical because people still love each other after they have done some deeply scaring shit to each other, so its definitely more biological." -Leo Hagmann

"I don’t know what love is, I don’t think any teenager does, and if they say they do, they are full of shit because as an adolescent I think we have way too much to go through, the important part of life hasn’t started yet, I think love comes with that part" -Spencer Smith

"I’d have to agree and disagree with Spencer. The love that turns into a life-long marriage is highly improbable in high school, and if that ends up as the conclusion, a major transformation of relationship would almost have to happen after high school. Immaturity hinders, whether we know or not. Could we all agree that love is not a high degree of like? I hate that definition. The same with the chemical junk go ahead and live a cold life. And not only cold, but completely untrue. It’s not ignorance is bliss. It’s decided ignorance is hell. I like the words of Mars Ill in 'loves not' and the profound words of CD Lewis in 'the four loves.’ Is love only a man-woman thing? I agree with Elise. Love has no gender. It changes with gender, but should happen with both. So many people miss true friendship. If our love was less selfish, less focused on what we got out of it, the great feeling, maybe love would be better, less hated. Everyone wants the person that clicks, the perfect person. Everything can't go perfect, it only happens in fairy tales, and isn't meant to happen here. Love molds and changes us (and it's better that way), selfishness, pride - that's what hinders. Its not the lack of people to love or love you, it's the lack of real unselfish love in your own heart for anyone else. 'Love is a joke. It gets your hopes up, then you find out that you can't have what you love'. That’s just bunk. I also like the words of Mars Ill 'love is god divine crucified for mankind'" -Jesse Rundle

"The thought of greatly caring" -Cammie Lewis

"It's a word. But if you don't define it, then it can be so much more." -Anthony Whaley

"Love is an excuse for sex for a lot of people not myself for I have never been in love or had sex" -Owen Patterson

"What's the point why define it? I'm not even sure it should be defined" -Andrew Hodgson

"Feeling of compassion towards another person or thing" -Donny Johnson

"To like something a lot" -Gary Wadsworth

"To give a love, you gotta live a love, to live a love, you gotta be part of, in the great words of Neil Young.” -Manal Kara

"Love is being capable of being shit on for X, running fourteen miles just to see X smile before you have to run back home. Pushing you tired and ragged and wrecked toward X, just to make X's laugh brighter, or step lighter. That is why Christianity is so moving, so popular, because there can be no one who loves greater than one who weeps for the pain of the people as they hurl fuck yous toward him who cries forgive them, father, for they know not what they do as his wrists are pierced and crushed under the weight of his own body and he bleeds from his side until his last breath deserts him and he dies for the sake of those who kill him. By no means am I advocating Christianity, but if you want to understand love, read the death of Christ according to Saints Matthew, Mark, Luke or John. Then you will understand. Love in any form is the will to act unreasonable. And Pascal says, 'le coeur a ses raisons, que la raison ne connaît point'" -Joel Myers

"A many splendored thing, worth your time, full of pain, made of pure wonder. Love is, in essence, a sunrise with juice to drink and a friend" -Jamie Cobb

"What is love? If love could be controlled, it would be banned, made illegal. If there were a procedure to prevent love from happening, everyone would have the procedure done. Why? Because love makes you do stupid things. It makes you so gullible, vulnerable, easy, and for what? The inevitable heart break that comes at the end of it all, unless of course you marry that person, and let's face it... even when that happens, half of you will get divorced anyway. Then again, maybe you will find that person. The person that makes you click, the one that you meet and feel like you are finally complete. Even if you didn't think it was possible, that there could be no one that would ever care for you that you loved just as much back. But if that happens, Fate will make a fatal flaw... he'll be very spiritual with a religion that prohibits him from marrying anyone outside of his religion. You try, you explore his faith, and despite all of your greatest efforts, you can't make yourself accept it. You still love him dearly, but it will never be. And it kills you. Love is for the masochists of the world, or the people that don't mind settling for something that contradictive to what the movies tell us, what the books tell us. Love is a science fiction, completely made up to keep mankind searching for something when they're finished searching for everything else." -Katie Stewart

"Love is something that happens when you least expect it...you resist it at first, but then it consumes you. Everything is your life is then connected to the one you love. Love is not always equal, fair, or kind. Love hurts, but it also heals. The average person falls in love 7 times before they die. You should experience each one like you have never been hurt before. Love shouldn't be smudged by other's transgressions. It should be allowed to prove it. In time it will. Most love ends in heartbreak, but without pain we would never know what happiness feels like." -Kelsey Childress

"Love: it's definitely a biological thing, but nearly EVERYTHING can be traced back to biology, so it mustn’t be defined that way! Love is the highest form of motivation in the world! We all seek love in one form or another (since it is different for each person), and for me the quest for love means finding the one person you can always talk to, and be with when you're sad, and they make everything better just by existing! It's that one person who won't care if you do something crazy, and they'll probably join in, if only to support you; and they're always honest with you, and you do all the same for them." -Jordan Ellis

“Love, something/someone you love so much you would die to let them live. Of course that’s just for me, some people don't value their lives that much. But some people would die for a hobo, for their cat, for millions of people they don’t know. Some people have a greater capacity for love; it’s so odd to think about. Its so... personal and vague. Yes, personal and vague.” –Libby Uthoff

“Love...crazy stuff...I agree with Spencer, yet I also think that you will love many times before you meet the right person.... you just find a new deeper meaning every time.” –Amy Schultz

"I suppose if I could define love, I would be the most famous person in the world. I guess that if love were that simple no one would have to define it, it’d just be common knowledge. There is no right or wrong answer to love. For love is whatever you choose it to be. But then again today love is over used in so many ways. If we like something we "love it." That is the biggest waste of probably the most powerful word ever. Love is trust. And trust is love. There is some sort of dynamic equilibrium between them. You love some one, so you trust them with everything you have. Love makes you vulnerable, it leaves you open to so many types of hurt. And in reversal, if you cannot trust someone then there is no way you can share love between each other. Love is something many cower from. It is so powerful it can bring life and death to the world. There is nothing to stop it. Unlike heart, love is not a metaphor. Love is real, there is nothing that can make it not such. It lives and breathes, it is amongst the living.

"People keep living for this thing called love. It’s the last words out of dying peoples mouths and it’s the first thing from the parents of a new baby. Love has no stipulations. There is no guideline on how to love. You love with everything you can. Because no matter what, if you love then nothing really matters at all. Love is sadness. If love were easy, everyone would do it. Love is for survivors. Nothing comes free with love. If you don’t give love everything you have, you will not get anything back from it. I suppose there is more, but if you look at everything anyone says about love you realize that no one is ready for love. No one can just say one day, well I’m going to be in love or love today. Love is an innate quality that you always have. I’ve never been in love or really loved. I suppose what I say doesn’t really matter because I don’t know the world." -Katy Davenport

"There's this girl. She's smart, she's funny. and she gives a damn about me. She made me a CD at the end of last year. We were going to walk around and hang out. I was going to meet her at her house and we were going to the park. I bring her CD on a whim. It's really soft and slow and really cool. It's not what I usually listen to, but I like it. It has this really romantic vibe to it. I'm maybe five blocks from her house when it starts to rain. It's spring, it's pretty warm and it's cool, I just keep walking. When I get there, she's standing right outside of her door and is under an umbrella. She closed her umbrella and stepped right in front of me. We're standing in the middle of the sidewalk, it's pouring rain and we both have music playing. We had the same CD and it was playing the same song. And she took my hand and we walked through the park in the rain.

I don't think I've ever really been in love. I'd like to think I've been close though." -Ethan

"Love is when all of the songs on the radio are about the same person or when you take the ends of a bolt of lightening, stretch them out to make thread, and then tie two hearts together with it." -Brianna Matzke

"Love: something that defies definition to such an extent that it enrages (inspires) generations of writers, philosophers, and illiterates alike to try and grapple and strap it down into one specific dimension of feeling." -Eric Margules

"Love is when your definition of life becomes interwined with the other person's living, your thoughts become intertwined with what you hope they're thinking, and your soul becomes lost without their concern." -Ryan Magee

"Love is a connection with someone that superexceeds every other emotion.
It's simple, yet horribly complicated to create." -Sierra Falter

"Interesting question. Philosophically there are two kinds: eros and agape. Linguistically there are millions but they pretty much boil down to eros, agape, and admiration/respect. Personally, there are all kinds. Love for a significant other probably begins with eros. Erotic attraction that evolves into eros and friendly goodwill as you talk and discover more about each other and begin to want good things for the other. Friendship and Authority figure love are much easier to define. Love cannot be a feeling. It cannot. Feelings come and go, but love is something that is lasting. Something that ought to be hard to damage, distrupt or distroy, therefore love is a state. A state implies the steadfastness of love and how love although evolving, is enduring." -Chris Nelson

If you get any more definitions, e-mail or send them to me---I’d be happy to add them!

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